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About Us 

Builder Of The Decade

Join Proline Designs for a great website and also support that is building us as the builder of the decade for custom, innovative, reliable services.

We are not new,

just re-branded.

Proline Designs started as OTM Designs a spin-off of our parent videography company OTM Pro. After OTM Pro shut down. OTM Designs was the main focus and making sure we can fulfill our customers needs for the new age design and hosting of today.

For the past 10 years we have been working behind the scenes to build this new platform for the future. With this platform anyone can have a great website, taking advice from people who know nothing about coding or design. I know it sounds like the wrong thing to do - or sounds like we lost our minds... but believe it or not, this is just what we needed to design the platform of the decade.

So 2019 we are branching out to accept new clients for this awesome platform known as Proline Designs.

Proline Designs gives you more with our 

• Custom

• Reliable

• Innovative


Quality Projects

Each and every one of our customers are diamond quality projects in our eyes, anything less is unacceptable!

Mobile Responsive

Each and every website we produce is guaranteed to be mobile responsive on any device.

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